Don't use drugs - do sport!

I come from a single parent family in Germany. When I was young, my dad past away, and my Mom, who just became a doctor had to raise my brother and I alone while working long hours at the hospital. Due to her work, my childhood memories were filled with moving from place to place. I had difficulty of connecting with friends and my study inevitably suffered as the result of all that.

I was failing out of school, mainly in subjects like foreign languages, and getting myself into troubles. However, through that difficult time in my life, I found Karate, and its peaceful philosophy requires great self-restrain and discipline. Karate became my teacher in life and helped me to find my inner strength and to create important life-values, which ultimately helped me to return to study and finish high school. Today, whenever I feel bad, I do sport and immediately I feel so much better.

My Teacher in Life


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