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After obtaining my double MBA degrees, I had several job offers in Germany and France, but none was appealing. I wanted something more, perhaps more challenge, and more fulfilling. So I decided to move to Barcelona, Spain, a city I have always dreamed to live because of her beauty and cosmopolitan flair. However, the city was filled with capable people who were also looking for jobs, i.e. an average of over 60 job applicants competing for one job, and many people took months to find one.

So I decided to try something that no one had ever done before to make myself more noticeable among thousands of job applicants. See the video of my Job Research:

See Video

Within 3 days, I had 65 companies contacting me for an interview. Very quickly, I found my ideal job, and within 4 years, I was promoted to be the Commercial Director of South Europe within the company.

Everything was perfect...

Creative Job Research


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