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After high school, I was tired of studying and decided to work in a small 5 star hotel in my hometown, Heidelberg. Many times I worked 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even had to clean toilets with a toothbrush. However one day, I met one of the most interesting people who was visiting the hotel, and my short encounter with him had influenced my life in a very profound way: Mr. Bill Gates.

At that time I was at a cross road between deciding if I should go on studying or perusing a career in hospitality. So I took the courage and asked him: “Mr. Gates, I would like to ask you for a personal advice."

He was very delighted that a regular person like me had the courage to approach him to seek advice. After hearing my question, he understood that I didn’t know how to best go on with my life, he told me: “young man, if you can, go study abroad in a good university. This will enrich your mind and help to know new cultures, overcome language barriers. Our world is getting more global so be a changer today and become a maker of tomorrow.”

I was very grateful of his encouragement and guidance, felt highly motivated. So I spent the next 5 years did exactly that: obtained International double MBA program in Top Universities in Germany and France, learned and improved languages and got to know new cultures.

Meeting Bill Gates


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